Cold Storage Rooms

Pre Fabricated Cold Rooms

 CE Certified
Walk-in Cold Rooms and Freezer Rooms

  • Sizes as per customer requirement
  • Room Temperature from (+)15 to (-)40 Deg C
  • Rooms are made out of PUF Sandwich Panel construction having density 40 Kg / cubic meter with Insulation thickness from 60 to 150 mm
  • Internal and External Finish with Precoated G.I. or Stainless Steel as per requirement.
  • PUF Panels are insulated with Pressure-Injected Polyurethane Foam for superb thermal efficiency and rigidity
  • The light weight and modular assembly makes it easy to fabricate a room of any size. Dismantling, enlargement and relocation of the room is equally quick and easy
  • The sturdy design and long-lasting finish ensures minimum maintenance for years
  • Internal Flooring finish to suit customer needs. PCC Floor for heavy traffic. Civil Constructed Floor for medium traffic. Panel Flooring for light traffic areas for normal walk-in applications, Modular Floor Panels with 12 mm Marine Plywood Finished with 2 mm Aluminium Chequered Plates are provided.
  • Different types of Refrigeration Systems for Medium to Low temperature with Hermetic, Semi-Hermetic or Open Type Compressors with Air-cooled or Water-Cooled Condensers are provided.
  • With Environmental Friendly Refrigerants like R-22, R-134a, R-404a, R-407c.
  • Applications in Cold Chain for the Food Processing Industry, Sericulture, Floriculture, Hospitality, Agriculture, Super-Hyper Markets, Horticulture, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals and many other Industries.

Cold Storage

  • Wide Range of Cooling and Preservation Solutions without loss of quality, taste or chemical composition for storage of perishable products
  • Applications in Agriculture sector, Fruits, Vegetables, Sea Food, Meats, Poultry, Fish, Dairy Products,Horticulture, Flower – Floriculture, Manufacturers of fresh produce, Food processing units, Pharmaceutical industries etc.
  • with Latest Ammonia Refrigeration Technology
  • Temperature Range from (+)20 to (-)40 C
  • Available with Recip & Screw Compressors
  • With Air-Cooling Units made out ot Hot Dip Galvenised Finned Cooling Colis of Ceiling or Wall mounted type Units replaces outdated Diffusers
  • Options for Galvenised Tubes as well as Stainless Steel Tubes
  • With Evaporative Condensers reduces Power Consumption & Make Up Water Requirements
  • Equipment designed with Latest Technical and Quality International Codes
  • Options available to operate the same store at different temperatures to store different products with two stage systems
  • Plants designed with Capacity Control Systems lowering power consumptions with Part Load
  • Intelligent Micrprocessor (PLC) based Control Panel
  • With Enviornment Friendly Refrigerants like Ammonia, R-22, R-404a