Exporting of Packaged Chillers having a range of Air-cooled Screw Chillers, Air-cooled Scroll Chillers, Air-cooled Reciprocating Chillers, Water-cooled Screw Chillers, Water-cooled Scroll Chillers, Water-cooled Reciprocating Chillers, Oil Chillers, Pre-fabricated Cold Rooms, Refrigeration Condensing Units and all types of industrial refrigeration plants & systems designed as per latest international applicable codes. All our products are CE Certified by European Notified Certification Body which does not only assure High Export Quality Products but also makes sure best performance and high efficiency.


All Products manufactured by Premier Refrigeration Limited are CE CERTIFIED by European Notified Certification Body. The CE Certification is not “self-proclaimed” or “third-party” but OFFICIAL CERTIFICATION BY EUROPEAN NOTIFIED BODY. The CE Certification is annually audited and updated. We are proud to announce that the following products are now CE Certified :


  • CE Certified Industrial Chillers
  • CE Certified Chilling Plants
  • CE Certified Industrial Refrigeration Systems
  • CE Certified Brine Chillers
  • CE Certified Water Chillers
  • CE Certified Oil Chillers
  • CE Certified Cold Storage Rooms
  • CE Certified Pre-Fabricated Cold Rooms
  • CE Certified Condensing Units
  • CE Certified Refrigeration Units for Cold Rooms
  • CE Certified Milk Condensing Units
  • CE Certified Refrigerated Air Dryers


How does CE Certification help in Exports?

With this “passport”, CE Certified products can easily gain access to the entire European Union (EU) plus European Free Trade Association (EFTA) market. There will be only one set of laws and regulations for the entire marketplace which guide the designing, manufacturing and labeling of products. The multiple and conflicting national restrictions on regulated products will be eliminated. Thus the CE Marking on your product will make your trade with EU countries cheaper and easier. The product will be made safer for consumers and thus the damage claims and liability premiums will be reduced. Immediate Clearance from Customs is another advantage.

Source : http://www.ce-marking.org/how-affect-export.html

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