Refrigeration Plants

We are engaged in offering Refrigeration Plants that includes industrial refrigeration plants & systems, gas liquification plants, cold storage, dairy refrigeration plants, flake ice plants, pre-fabricated cold rooms, condensing units, refrigerated air dryers.

Industrial Refrigeration Plants & Systems

CE Certified

PREMIER specialises in complete Turn-key Industrial Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Projects from Concept to Commissioning including Design, Manufacture, Resource, Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Testing and Training to Enduser.

Industrial Plants are designed in conformation with international Technical and Quality standards. Plants are tropicalised to suit the local Environmental and Operational conditions optimising Performance, Economical power consumption , High flexibility and ease in operation, Longer service life.

As an Independent Supplier, PREMIER gives its customers the freedom to choose, without any constraints, the solution that best suits their objectives and needs.

All kinds of Refrigeration Equipment, Machinery and Components such as Recip & Screw Compressors; Shell & TUbe, Evaporative & Atmospheric Condensers; Shell & Tube type, Plate Heat Exchangers & Falling Film Water Chillers, Freezers, Contact Plate Freezers, Air Blast Freezers. Receivers, Inter-coolers, Low Pressure Vessels, Refrigerant Pumps, Refrigerant Valves & Controls, Air Blast Freezers, IQF Freezers, Ice-makers are with Scada Systems are provided.

These plants find applications in Chemical, Pharmaceuitcal, Petro-Chemical, Refinery, Marine products, Fresh produce, Chilled & Frozen Foods, Seafood, Flake-Tube-Block ice plants, Fishery, Meat, Poultry, Milk & Dairy products, Fruits, Vegetables and wines & vines products.

Gas Liquification Plants

CE Certified

  • Suitable for Air, Carbon Dioxide, Chlorine and other type of Gases
  • Custom-built Design as per requirements
  • Designed with Recip or Screw Type Compressors of Semi-Hermetic or Open Type
  • With Single Pass Liquifiers incorporating advanced design features
  • With Shell & Tube or Evaporative Type Water-cooled Condensers
  • Suitable Material of Construction for Liquifer are employed depending on type of Gas to be liquified
  • Constructed as per standard codes and Good Engineering Practise
  • With Environment Friendly Refrigerants like R-22 or Ammonia

Dairy Refrigeration Plants

CE Certified

  • Turnkey Dairy Refrigeration Projects including Water Chilling Plants & Cold Storage
  • Fast and efficient milk cooling guarantees high milk quality and keeps on cooling down to the storage temperature of 4 Deg C
  • Multi Refrigeration Circuit for Part Load operations with Several Compressors working in parallel
  • With Recip or Screw or Scroll Type Compressor as per clients choice
  • Air Cooling Units of Galvenised Coils or Stainless Steel Coils
  • With Evaporative Condenser to operate at lower condensing pressures for lower power consumptions
  • Heat Exchanger and Pressure Vessels designed with TEMA and ASME Codes
  • Plate Type Chiller – Evaporator to chill water at 0.5 Deg C
  • Complete Plant is provided with intelligent Microprocessor (PLC) based controls and instrumentation for auto operation and data logging
  • Bulk Cooler (Milk Cooling Vats) are designed with direct expansion method of milk cooling whereby milk is cooled by coming into direct contact with the evaporator. Horizontal construction is space saving and the efficient evaporator ensures quick trouble free milk cooling coupled with the agitator the milk is evenly stirred ensuring optimal heat exchange and prevention of freezing.

Flake Ice Plants

CE Certified

  • Capacity Range from 5 Tons to 55 Tons per 24 hours depending on the size of the Flaker
  • Produces Totally Subcooled Flake Ice
  • Ice Thickness can be varied by changing the speed of the rotor
  • Operates Continously, does not require any defrost cycle
  • Facility to recirculate unused Cold Water enhancing capacity of Flaker
  • Flakers with Double-walled Stationery Vertical Drum Design offers compact and economical installations
  • Built with components designed for Heavy Industrial Use
  • With Recip or Screw Type Compressor as per requirement
  • With Water-cooled Condenser of Shell & Tube or Evaporative Type
  • With Latest & Advance safety Controls
  • Intelligent Microprocessor (PLC) based Control Panel for optimal production & power saving
  • Designed with Environmentally Free Refrigerant Ammonia