Values & Ethics

Premier Refrigeration Limited strives hard to achieve international standards of excellence in all aspects of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning with focus on customer delight, value of products, cost reduction& services. We believe in leadership in developing, adopting and assimilating state of the art technology and services through sustained research and development.

The aim is to foster the culture of participating and innovation for employee growth and contribution, to cultivate high standards of business ethics and total quality management for a strong corporate identity and brand equity, to help enrich the quality of life of the community and preserve the ecological balance and heritage through constant  environmental awareness and to maximise the creation of wealth, value and satisfaction for every shareholder.

In response to changing market dynamics, PREMIER has gone through a phased process of redefining its organisation model that facilitates growth through greater levels of empowerment. PREMIER has always adopted a sustainable approach to business being aware that growth is inextricably linked to the well-being of its employees. The strength of PREMIER lies in the strong sustenance of employees & workmanship. Human Resource Management has always been given prime importance in all the functions of the company. The company believes in the statement Growth of the people equals to growth of the Company and hence, takes up various measures towards Staffing, Training, Sustenance, Direction and Motivation.

PREMIER strives hard to fulfill its responsibilities towards all its stake holders which include Vendors & Suppliers, Customers, Government, Share Holders and the Community. Maintaining cordial relations, timely updating records, numerous policies for contribution and responsibility is what PREMIER ensures time to time. PREMIER believes in the core value of Simplicity and Humility along with Growth and Development which has led to success at every step.